Recognizing the Benefits of Improved Provider Onboarding

In the current healthcare environment, many organizations are aggressively searching for ways to increase revenues, reduce cost, and improve provider relations. Implementing an enterprise-wide initiative to streamline physician onboarding processes can aid an organization in directly realizing these objectives.

Learn how healthcare organizations can derive substantial operational and financial benefits through streamlining and consolidating new physician onboarding activities.

Provider Onboarding: The Road to Revenue

In the current healthcare environment, organizations are constantly searching for opportunities to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve provider relations. Implementing an onboarding program that is driven by improved processes and technology enables healthcare organizations in realizing key operational, financial and organizational benefits.

Download our on-demand webinar that guides you through the typical provider onboarding process in healthcare organizations, and then highlights the operational and financial benefits from implementing processes and technology to improve an organization's onboarding program.

Implementing an Effective Professional Practice Evaluation Program

In an ever-changing healthcare environment, professional practice evaluations are a critical component of an organization’s compliance and quality assurance programs. Not only will effective professional practice evaluation programs eliminate administrative redundancies and minimize subjectivity within the evaluation process, they can also directly and positively impact an organization’s operational performance.

Download our whitepaper which summarizes best practices and key considerations for implementing a successful professional practice evaluation program and improving overall quality assurance processes.


Our solutions aid healthcare delivery systems in managing their clinical workforce, analyzing and benchmarking performance, and accelerating operational improvement initiatives.



Our solutions improve recruiting, enrollment, and contracting activities while minimizing provider burden and eliminating unproductive and repetitive administrative procedures.



We work to improve core practitioner administration operations.  Our solutions focus on simplifying and consolidating enrollment, credentialing, and committee functions.